Syracuse, NY 13214



Local Is Always Better

Stone’s Steakhouse began with one idea: Local is always better… The desire to support local farms and producers while offering a dynamic, innovative menu to our friends and neighbors is at the heart of everything we do.



Sean A. Ginty, General Manager

35+ years in the food & beverage industry, Sean began as an apprentice chef in Niagara Falls, Canada & continued his education at George Brown College of Culinary Arts in Toronto, Canada. Sean progressed into Fine Dining first as a server at John’s Flaming Hearth Restaurant in Niagara Falls, NY, then at the Regency Hyatt Hotel in Atlanta, GA. Continuing his education in Hotel & restaurant management helped him grow into operating a 5 star private city club & owning a 1st class Italian restaurant in Arlene, TX. For the past 7 years, Sean has continued managing & directing other faculties from Niagara Falls to Syracuse.



Brian L. Dewey, Head Chef

Brian has designed Stone’s menu to highlight the bounty of Central New York’s growers and producers. His years of experience behind the grill means every steak that leaves our kitchen is unparalleled in taste and quality. In addition to our standard menu, Chef Dewey takes special pride in creating our weekly specialty dishes from fresh, seasonal produce, and cuts of locally produced meat.



Contact our steakhouse restaurant to learn more about the fresh Black Angus beef and other menu items available from our steakhouse in Syracuse, New York.